Easter with Community Culture Church

We are honored that you chose to celebrate Easter with us!
Below, you'll see today's sermon notes, our Easter playlist, ways you can connect here at at CCC and a few discipleship tools that you can utilize in your walk with Christ!

Worship Setlist: Easter 2024

Looking for some songs to worship to? We got you! You can see our Easter 2024 setlist! To go to our playlist, simply click the image to the right or the button down below!

Sermon Notes

You Said Yes

You said yes to Jesus. Now what’s next?
Inside this little book, you’ll discover more about what your decision to follow Jesus means. Each day will include daily thoughts from the Bible and ideas to try for yourself. Together, we’ll answer questions like “what does this mean,” “what should I do,” and “what does this change?” Our hope is that this tool can provide guidance as you begin your journey of following Jesus.

This book is organized into 21 days, but feel free to go at the pace that best helps you grow. You might finish this book in 100 days, 21 days, or a week. You might even keep reading it over and over. Finishing the book is less important than finding direction, growing in confidence, and starting conversations with others about what you’re learning.

Following Jesus is a process of taking next steps, one day at
a time. We’re thrilled to join you!

Easter 2024 - What's coming up at CCC