What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom builders is not something we do, but who we are. Through our kingdom builder initiative we are joining together to make a lasting impact in our area, across the globe and in the next generation of future christian leaders.

How do we do it?

we partner with individuals and organizations who are on the ground and doing great things for the kingdom of god in their respective areas as well as creating new, needed local initiatives.

kingdom builders 2022

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scooters: pointing our community to a greater purpose through alternative transportation

first responders: training and equipping people to fill in the gap in emergency response in our area

rise: partnering together to stop human trafficking

111 project: providing hope and resource to help meet the needs of foster kids and families. advocating and partnering with other churches to make a greater impact.

tutoring: providing scheduled tutoring days to create a safe space for students to receive the extra help and resource to meet their educational needs.


involved international: continue the impact of kingdom builders in kenya. after building two churches, we will continue to see god move in each of the communities through resourcing, such as schools, water wells, etc..

honduras: partnering with a coffee farm, local family, and local church in honduras to see sustainable change. we will see the impact of partnership as we connect high street coffee and send community culture church mission teams to be a part of the change in honduras.

feedone: see the power of unity when we partner with convoy of hope to feed children in need, and to help end world hunger

designs for hope: building water wells, power cubes for electricity, and water purifications systems in communities to connect the life-giving message of jesus with life-giving resources.

future christian leaders:

transportation: connect our community to hope, resource, events and the body of christ by having a reliable mode of transportation available.

2nd campus: creating an online campus by purchasing adequate equipment, and developing and raising up a team of people to reach the online community for jesus.

3rd campus: a new ccc campus to reach, impact, and influence our surrounding area to see lives changed by christ while developing future christian leaders for the kingdom of god.

college: community culture church will have a college! Wake college will train the next generation to reach their god given potential while earning a college degree from an accredited university.

how can you partner with us?

plan to give

ask god to give you a vision for what he wants to do through you


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