pray with us!

This is a list of prayer requests submitted by members of our church and our community. We would love for you to partner with us in prayer over these areas!


My son, Alex, who is 30, is married with two sons had a heart attack on Tuesday and has to have a heart transplant. His heart is operating at 10-15%. Please pray for him that his heart strengthens and he heals in his body.


Pray for all the teachers as school is underway developing lessons and activities and being able to engage all types of learners. Pray for all students. While some may be distant and others are coming to class in this unprecedented time, I pray that our children find ways to still build community, that they start to realize their purpose in life and what God has for them. May your spirit reign down on your children Lord and may you bless us all! AMEN


I would like to pray for Kingdom Builders!

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