local impact

Foster Care: Helping Families Stay Together

Partnering withe organizations like the 1-1-1 Project to connect families to resources and a spiritual community to help them succeed.

Coffee Shop: Modern Day Well

Our goal is for each person to carry a message of life and hope in their hands, with a QR code that links to our created website with local resources on aspects of , but not limited to, depression, anxiety, needing a job, needing prayer, seeing truth, and needing to be a part of a good community.

Human Trafficking: Local Impact

Human trafficking has to be stopped and we are going to help fight this injustice in our area with providing resources and discipleship to those affected.

Global Impact

Involved International:

Our goal is to add to the miracle God has already allowed us to be a part of with the church built through Kingdom Builders 2020. This year we aim to plant churches, schools, water wells, and playgrounds in Kenya and Burundi, Africa.

Kale and Danielle McGraw:

Support of the McGraw family, missionaries from CCC, to the Philippines in providing resources to the already impactful Midwife ministry and birthing center. This ministry opens long standing shut doors within the country to now hearing the life giving message of Jesus.

Transplanting the Gospel in all languages:

Partnering with organizations like the Seed Company to have a translated Bible in every language and dialect.


Resource Center: Continue the Miracle!

After replacing the roof with Kingdom Builders 2020, we are now ready to equip the interior with computers, tables, dividers, sound, and visual equipment, and more to expand our resource capabilities.

Transportation: Van

Getting people together in spiritual community, church, "so that all may hear" and safely travel to positive experiences, camps, retreats events, etc.

Reach Project

Purchase music, technology, audio/visual equipment to better reach people through these creative arts. This would include a scholarship to help train individuals musically and provide training with audio/video in connecting the life giving message to the world, and providing people with the avenue to grow their talent.