church on the lake

Why have church on the lake?


What to expect:

You will be greeted at the gate by a Welcome Crew Team member who will connect you to the parking team which will assist you where to park at Peter’s Point. Our goal is to safely park you where you can see the service and appropriately distance from others. You will be asked to stay parked until the dismissal of service in order to keep people safe. Our parking team will direct cars in the leaving process as graciously as possible. 


Q: Do I have to come into contact with anyone?

A: No, you do not have to get out of your car or roll your window down if you don't want to. If you do, we will be practicing all safety procedures and social distancing rules.


Q: What precautions are being taken? 

A: We are practicing social distancing on our teams. Anyone who is coming in direct contact with a car, delivering resource, or giving packets will have a mask and gloves on. Attenders are encouraged to stay in their car throughout the service.

Q: How will I hear the message and worship service?

A: We will communicate the radio station to tune your radio to once you arrive, so you can hear everything through your own speakers.

Q: What will my kids do during service?

A: If you would like, we will have snacks available for the kiddos. Sorry adults... Just for the kids! Can't hunt Easter eggs? No problem! We are hooking your kids up with Easter candy as well! We will have packets with a lesson your kids can do in the car. The kids can access it online but we will have actual packets as well.

Q: Do I have to stay in my car?

A: We would prefer you do. If you cannot, please stay within the parking space designated to you.

Q: Are there bathrooms?

A: Yes, but we encourage you to use the restroom before you arrive.

Q: What if I do not have a car?

A: We will have space for families to sit and enjoy service while still practicing social distancing.


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: We will still have service, we will move things under the pavilion, and we will still broadcast the service to all cars present.


Q: How do I receive resource?

A: If you want resource at the Church on the Lake event, you will have to be able to roll your window down or open the door of your car. We have limited resource so arriving early will be the key.

Q: What type of resource will be available?

A: We will have waters, some family boxes of food, small bags of food, bags of seeds, cases of pop, baby cereal etc. Again we have limited amounts and not all families will receive resources.


Q: When will I receive the resource?

A: It is not determined at what point in the event you will be able to receive resource. It will be determined by weather, and safety of each team member…so please stay patient and excited about coming together for Easter.

Q: What can I do before the Service?

A: Promote the Service to everyone, promote Church on the Lake by sharing on social media. Pray and expect great things and don't forget to arrive early so you have plenty of time!


How to get to Peter's point from eufaula

  • Head South on Main St
  • Take a slight left turn onto SH-9 East
  • Turn left onto E 1210 Rd
  • Turn left onto NS 4180 Rd
  • Go straight until you reach Peter's Point

How to get to Peter's point from hwy 69

  • Heading North on HWY 69
  • Take the exit onto US-69 toward Eufaula
  • Turn right onto SH-9
  • Turn left onto E 1210 Rd
  • Turn left onto NS 4180 Rd
  • Continue straight until you reach Peter's Point