Live Your Calling: Sunday's at 8:30am at the Eufaula Community Center. Contact Jack Myrick at 405-406-5364 for more information or click on the 'Live Your Calling' tab on the left.

Marriage Group: Monday's at 6:30pm. Join us as we go through Andy Stanley's "What Happy Couples Know." Contact Junie McKinney at for address, directions, or more information. You can also click on the Marriage Group tab on the left.

Investigate Your Faith: Tuesday's at 6:30pm as the Wallace home. Come together for a time of fellowship as we Investigate our Faith in Community. Contact Chelsea Wallace at 918-689-6068 or click the Investigate Your Faith tab on the left for more information.

Purpose Driven Life: Wednesday's at 6:30pm in McAlester. Join us as we answer the question: "what on Earth am I here for?" Contact Stephanie Fadler at 918-630-0549 or Jodi Razo at 918-916-3357 or click the Purpose Driven Life tab on the left.

Book of Colossians: Wednesday's at 6:30pm in Carlton Landing. We will be exploring the Book of Colossians with Louie Giglio on RightNow Media. Contact Kayla Burris at or click the Colossians tab on the left for more information.